Book Review: Summer by Summer by Heather Burch

summer by summer

Summer is excited for her last summer before college. She accepts a job as a nanny in Belize hoping to find some peace and fun. Bray, the older son of the couple Summer is working for, is off to Belize to party and hopefully keep his parents from getting a divorce. After meeting for the first time, Summer and Bray hate each other instantly. Bray invites summer on a dive trip hoping to clear the air. After a record breaking storm, Bray and Summer find themselves stranded on an island. How will they survive? Not only do they have to survive the island, but they also have to survive each other.

Summer by Summer by Heather Burch is a Christian YA novel.  I really liked the message the book sends, as well as, the story. Summer used to attend youth group and church before her boyfriend got into a horrible accident. She even pledged to wait to have sex until her wedding night. After the accident, Summer lost her faith and her will to pray. On the island, Summer rediscovers hope and faith in God. Even though this book is considered a Christian novel, I don’t think it it is preachy. It really is a great summer romance read.

Heather and Bray’s relationship grows as the story progresses. Just as Summer’s relationship with God is reborn. With only each other to rely on (and prayer and faith in God) their dire situation becomes bearable. Some of the story seemed too good to be true, as you will understand as you read the book; some surprising finds make life on the island for Bray and Summer easier than most would have it if they were stranded on a deserted island.  It wasn’t a Swiss Family Robinson situation. The island seemed, as some points, relaxing and wonderful.

This book was unlike other Young Adult Novels that I am used to reading. I enjoyed the switching point of views between Bray and Summer and I also enjoyed the underlying message . Bray and Summer could have given up on their lives in the massive storm, but instead, they fought for themselves and for each other. They chose to live, and continued to choose life as they tried to survive on the island.

The end of the novel takes some weird, unexpected turns that really threw me off. I feel like the last 30 pages are really rushed. There could have been a second book with all of the information that is thrown out there. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading another book outside of my comfort zone, even though the end was unrealistic to me.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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