Friday Five

1. We watched Gone Girl last night. I actually thought it was really good. I read the book a while ago, but it seemed to me that the book and movie were similar. I have to look up the book ending, though, because I’m pretty sure the movie ended differently than the book.

2. We spent a few days in NJ over the weekend. Minus the rain, it was a beautiful couple days. It wasn’t too hot and we were able to spend a good amount of time outside. Jimmie was able to meet his California cousins and see some family and friends he hasn’t seen in a while. Overall, a great trip!

3.Jimmie started pointing at everything this past weekend. Now that he can “communicate,” knowing what he wants is a little easier. And when I say a little, I mean a little, because sometimes I have no idea what he is pointing at!

4. We’re thinking about taking a mini New England road trip in the fall with Jimmie. Any suggestions? I have never been past New York. We plan on starting in NJ driving to NY to see Jim’s sister and then continuing to CT, MA, VT, etc. (Possibly making it to Maine?) I’m really excited!

5. I am excited to have four whole days this weekend with Jim and Jimmie. Today was are going to PA to visit some friends we haven’t see since our wedding! Since then, they have had a little girl who we haven’t met yet. We are going to lunch, petting some animals, and sneaking in an unplanned visit with Jimmie’s other grandparents.  The rest of the weekend is open to adventure and chores. Hopefully we fit in more adventure. The chores can wait.




Already driving? Seriously?!




Cousins with kids! (plus one in Nicole’s belly!!)



“Why won’t the rain stop, Mom?”

Happy Birthday, America! (Toby’s Birthday is also July 4th. Happy Birthday to my pupster too!) Check out my favorite 4th of July Pinterest Finds. Enjoy your weekend. Have fun and stay safe!


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