Friday Five

1. Big Brother 17 started this week. I think it is getting a little bit out of hand with all of these “twists.” It used to be all about watching people “live their lives” on TV. Now it’s all about, twists, turns, and unnecessary drama. I don’t know if I’ll make it the whole season. I am pretty excited about the return of the “twin twist.” I really enjoyed that one when Big Brother did is previously in season 5. That will keep me semi interested, but battle of the block is back and I don’t really know what fan would call it a favorite because this fan thought it sucked.

2. I borrowed Weelicious Lunches from the library this week and I’m pretty excited about it. I am already tired of making Jimmie the same few things for lunch every week. I can see myself being that crazy mom that makes little mouse sandwiches for his lunch box. A lot of the lunch ideas mentioned in the book sound so good that I want to try them for myself too. I will probably end up buying this book. I also looked through the other Weelicious cook book, but it wasn’t as good. I won’t be buying that one. If you want to learn more about the Weelicious, check out the Weelicious blog!

3. We got our National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass last weekend. It is FREE for the military and their dependents. I believe you can pick on up at any National Park visitor center. We got ours at Fort McHenry. Military ID is required. I think we are going to make it a goal to use it as much as possible within the next year. Just this weekend we went to Fort McHenry National Battlefield and Antienam National Battlefield. What a great opportunity to be outside and learn about our history.

4. I kind of like Nick and Kaitlyn together on the Bachelorette. Haters may be hating, but hey, ya can’t stop true love. I wish it was a normal season though where each episode ended with a rose ceremony. I hate waiting until the following week; it’s lame.

5. I need a stroller organizer. I was spoiled with my car seat stroller because it had all of these luxuries like cup holders, zippered pouches, and a place to store my keys.  My bugaboo Stroller doesn’t have any of those things. I love this Skip Hop one and this Britax one. Anyone have either of these? Good/bad/know one that is better?





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