Tray Vous for Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

We were given a hand-me-down Bugaboo Frog from my husband’s sister. All three of her kids rolled around in style, and now it is Jimmie’s turn. Although we love the smooth ride and sleek design that the Bugaboo Frog provides, it lacks a lot of conveniences that other strollers have. Such as a carriage bag that holds more than 8 pounds, a cup holder for my coffee, and more specifically a snack tray for Jimmie to eat on.

We are out and about almost every weekend. Sometimes we stop at restaurants to eat and sometimes we have picnics. I worry about feeding Jimmie all day, every day. Before Jimmie, we never stopped to snack, twice a day. I don’t want him to be hungry, obviously, and I also don’t want to have to stop every 2 1/2 hours to give his little belly some food. Here’s where the Tray Vous came in handy for us.

Bugaboo has not and probably will not invent a snack tray for their stroller. After hearing this, Lauren Moore decided to take matters into her own hands and create a tray that worked for her Bugaboo stroller, the Cameleon. The Tray Vous ONLY works for the Bugaboo Frog and the Bugaboo Cameleon. It is the only tray on the market that is large enough for little hands to snack on and play on for the Bugaboo stroller.

I was so relieved when I found the Tray Vous on the internet. I just couldn’t take another day trip without a tray for Jimmie to use for snacks and meals. Not only was I excited to see how easy it was to attach to the Bugaboo Frog, I was also surprised to see that it wasn’t too expensive. The Bugaboo strollers and accessories are usually on the expensive side. The Tray Vous is only $24.95 plus tax and S&H. A small price to pay for convenience. I also love that a caring mom, just like myself, invented it. Moms just want their kids to be happy, and Lauren Moore was certainly thinking of her children when she came up with the Tray Vous concept.


Jimmie isn’t normally a pacifier baby unless he is sleeping, but on this day he was. He loved taking his pacifier out of his mouth, putting his tray, and then putting it back in his mouth, over and over again.

We tried our Tray Vous out for the first time last weekend when we went to Fort McHenry in Maryland. I knew Jimmie would need a snack to not only keep him entertained while we were touring the Fort, but also because our trip would run right into his snack time. Usually, if we’re walking around, we have to stop, find a bench, and feed him piece by piece until his snack is gone. With the Tray Vous, time and frustration were saved. I was able to continuously throw Cheerios onto Jimmie’s tray to keep him satisfied. He actually thought the whole experience was hilarious.


The next day, we took Jimmie to Antienam National Battlefield in Maryland. Once again, the Tray Vous came in handy. I packed a picnic lunch for all of us. We sat on the ground, but Jimmie stayed in his stroller. We were able to feed him his whole meal while he sat there happily looking around at the Battlefield. It was so nice knowing I didn’t have to find a table or a high chair; the Tray Vous had saved us again.



Jimmie is a marathon eater. His meals sometimes last a half hour. Once we were done eating, we were able to walk around while he finished his lunch.

Attaching and detaching the Tray Vous is really simple. There are two bar extenders which go on each side of the front stroller bar. The two extenders connect the bar right to the stroller and then the tray has three strips of Velcro that connect the tray to the bar. My only complaint is that I wish the Velcro was a little longer and stronger. The bar extenders are great to leave on, even without the tray. Jimmie has been trying to munch on the bar for the last few weeks, and while we discouraged this, he still ended up with foam in his mouth. The Tray Vous extenders alleviated this problem.

To purchase your very own Tray Vous for your Bugaboo Frog or Cameleon, head on over to the Tray Vous website.

I was sent a Tray Vous in exchange for an honest review.


One thought on “Tray Vous for Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

  1. Stephanie says:

    We don’t have a tray for ours either, and I don’t like the one Britax makes. I may have Tom make shift something because we are running into similar issues!

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