Book Review: Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young


Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young is an advice book on how to put the right “they” in your life and take the wrong “they” out. Ed Young talks all about relationships in his book: the relationship you have with God, the relationship you have with your spouse, and the relationship you have with your friends and family. Ed Young is a well-known pastor in North America. His book encourages the reader to let go of all negativity in their lives and accept God. By doing this, you will lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

I thought Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young was too preachy. When it first started to read the book, I thought it was humorous, and somewhat helpful. Once I got past the first few chapters, I wasn’t really laughing anymore. I felt like I was being lectured about all aspects of my life. Although I didn’t enjoy every single page of this book, I did learn a few things and received a lot of insight. Here are the top ten pieces of knowledge I gained from Ed Young:

1. “How do you feel after spending time with time with the people in your life? Are you encouraged? Or do you feel depleted and negative? If so, you’re in a releechionship, not a relationship.” Pg. 14

Everyone can relate to this. Who doesn’t have that one friend that they should have “broken up” with but they keep holding on because they feel bad about letting go? Yup, releechionship.

2, “How are you sure you’re not living based on your feelings? You’ve got to HALT! Never make decisions that matter when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.” Pg. 34

I’m always hungry or tired. I make a lot of choices based on these things.

3. There are three types of people in life: those who are “For you” those who “Use you” and those who are “With you.” Pg. 45

We all need more people to be with us note against us. These people are hard to come by these days.

4. Never trust people with “crazy eyes.” If they look crazy, they probably are. Pg. 48

Orange is the New Black is a prime example of this.

5. Good friends are like good dogs. Pg. 59-60

Toby is one of my best friends. Loyal and never talks back. Sometimes he barks back though.

6. “True hospitality is not about lawn-mowing, house-showing mentality designed to impress the guests. It is expressed in the conversation-starting, love-imparting mentality designed to serve  others.” Pg.64

Good conversations make good friends.

7. “Marriage is not the easiest thing, but it is the greatest thing if you’re willing to work!” Pg.75

Agreed! Especially after you have a child. You have to work together, not against each other.

8. “The right ‘they’ don’t need an explanation for every decision you make. They trust. They Follow.” Pg. 85

Not every decision, but some decisions need explanations.

9. “Satan tries to get us to drink decaf coffee and slowly drift off to sleep. But life is too short for decaf coffee.” Pg. 123

Decaf coffee is a waste. I should have known it was the product of the devil. Love this quote!

10. “If ‘they’ are constantly having to tell you who they are, what they are about; if they are constantly dropping names like they have something [to] prove, you have to wonder if it’s all smoke and mirrors.” Pg. 136

Never trust people who are always talking about how great their lives are. They’re usually the ones who are struggling the most.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. 


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