Friday Five

1. Pretty Little Liars is already really good this season. The first two episodes have left me on the edge of my seat. I just don’t understand why Mona wasn’t in the second episode? Did anyone else think that was weird? I’m also a bit skeptical of the new cop. New characters always seem shady to me.

2. Jimmie is up to 11 teeth! The bottom left molar just made its debut this morning! He also has a new top left tooth (that isn’t a molar.) Kid doesn’t want me to brush his teeth anymore, this makes bedtime a bit difficult. 5 more teeth to go (which includes 2 molars) until we don’t have to worry about teething until 2 year old molars. Woohoo!!!

3. Jimmie had whole peas for the first time two nights ago and thought they were hilarious. He loved rolling them on his tray and squishing them before putting them into his mouth. Peas make me want to puke, but he love them, so I sucked some down too. The next day I made him peas on cream cheese toast, he mostly just wanted the peas.

4. It’s getting pretty hot around here. As much as I hated the rain last week, I was digging the mid 70’s to low 80’s weather. I personally don’t mind it being hot, but Jimmie gets sweaty really fast. We have to get an air pump so we can blow up his little pool. I bought a few of these cute muscle tanks (on sale, in-store) for him yesterday at Old Navy. Hopefully they keep him a little cooler. Plus, how cute are they?

5. Dawson’s Creek is going to be on ABC family at the end of June. I’m pretty darn excited. Team Pacy all the way. Brings me back to high school. Which by the way, as of next week, I will have graduated 11 years ago! Seriously, what the heck? It really does feel like yesterday. So much has happened in 11 years. I can’t even wrap my mind around it.


Grumpy because mommy forgot her camera’s memory card


Just reading in my playpen


Just sorting some shapes


pea and cream cheese toast. Reminded me of Green Eggs and Ham!


Hello baby!


One thought on “Friday Five

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh Pretty Little Liars.. I have only watched the first episode. I usually wait until I have 3 to watch in a row on the weekend because I have a hard time waiting for this show’s secrets.

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