Friday Five

1. I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. I didn’t go under, I just had laughing gas. I really don’t think it worked until the fourth tooth because I remember everything that was said before then. When they got to the fourth tooth, I started to feel loopy. Then, once that one was out, they turned off the gas and I came back to reality. Weird experience. I could hear them pulling the teeth and smell the drill. Glad I don’t have to do that again.

2. When I got home from the surgery, I passed out. I was only out for about 20 seconds. I was so confused when I woke up on the floor with Jim yelling my name. Long story short, I went to the ER and spent 4 hours there. We left because it was late and there were still two more people ahead of us. I went to the doctor the next day and she said I probably passed out from too much stress on my body.

3. I haven’t watched any of my weekly shows this week because I have been upstairs in bed and our DVR is downstairs. (So bummed I missed Pretty Little Liars!!) My mother-in-law is here to help out and Jim took off. They have been taking care of the baby and the house. I’m still so exhausted and the one side of my face really hurts.

4. Jimmie got his 9th tooth on Monday. His second molar is coming through right now, so he hasn’t been the happiest camper on the block either. I just want to snuggle him but I am still taking pain medicine and feel so weak. Today will be the last day for that before I switch to Motrin.

5. Last weekend I found Mall Madness (my favorite childhood game) at a yard sale for $1! I was so shocked. Whenever we go to yard sales, I keep an eye out for the game. That same morning I said to Jim, “Today is the day, Jim, I am going to find Mall Madness.” He just rolled his eyes, and what do ya know, I found the game at a church yard sale, 5 minutes later. It works too! The board is a little ripped, but other than that, nothing is wrong. Can’t complain for $1. What a steal!!


Rain, rain, go away.


Playing Mall Madness is still so much fun.


6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. doriandean says:

    Wow, crazy experience. My husband has to have his out soon… it is already making him nervous. He had two out in the Navy, and they didn’t use any laughing gas or main anesthesia, so he remembered everything and now hates going to get dental work done. Glad all is well, though, for you, after your ordeal.

    • Rosie says:

      They actually put my husband under when he got his two out through the Army. I just hated my one experience with anesthesia. I’m glad I didn’t go under, but I wish I wasn’t so aware. I keep telling people it wasn’t as bad a childbirth!

      • doriandean says:

        Good that he did– my husband has to have me there with him now when he goes, and it is his only fear truly. I hate anesthesia! I get sick every darn time, so the last time I had to have surgery, I got put in a “twilight sleep” and I don’t remember anything, and I didn’t feel nauseated, so I hope that if I have to have any surgery again, that is the option I can take. 🙂 And no, it isn’t as bad as childbirth, ha! I have had two, and nothing can compare to that I don’t think… at least nothing that has happened to me.

  2. Mary Forlano says:

    Not the best experience for sure … I had mine out the summer of my Junior Year in High School … back in my day they put you in the hospital, and you got general anesthesia! That was my first overnight stay in a hospital — I was a little bit nervous! After my surgery I woke up looking like a chipmunk! My throat was killilng me — but by the end of the week I was pretty much feeling normal. Take care of yourself … things will get a bit better each day … hang in there and just give Jimmie hugs and kisses – that will make you feel a whole lot better! xoxo Aunt Mary Forlano

    • Rosie says:

      I’m glad I didn’t have to stay in the hospital. That was the worst part of having a baby, the hospital stay! I can pretty much eat normally now, except my jaw still hurts.

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