Memorial Day Weekend and Jimmie’s First Time at the Beach

What a great weekend! We could not have asked for better company or better weather. The house we stayed at in Bethany Beach was gorgeous. It was right on the bay in a nice little community. Jimmie had a blast playing with Lydia and I had a ton of much needed girl talk. Plus Jim was able to hang out with his best friends, which always makes me happy. The weekend was relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun.

Back to reality today and I must say, reality is harder to swallow after having such an amazing weekend. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this weekend I felt the love of a village. I could just set Jimmie down and run to the bathroom. I knew that he would be safe when I came back because there were so many people to keep any eye on him. Jim and I even got to go on a breakfast date one morning while everyone else stayed at the house to play with Jimmie.

Jimmie really blossomed this weekend. He is now pulling up on everything, with ease, and mainly “real baby” crawling, except when he wants to get somewhere really fast. I think he learned a thing of two from Lydia. I love watching him interact with other people and kids. I also love that I can leave him and he doesn’t freak out. What a relief to be able to have some time to myself knowing that my baby is happy. Speaking of having some time to myself, I went to the pool for two hours and relaxed. It was glorious.






So sad I took him out of the pool!


First trip to the Atlantic Ocean


He prefers my Hello Kitty water bottle


Jimmie was fussy (getting second molar) so he didn’t wander completely into the sand and we didn’t stick his toes in the ocean.

FYI: Putting baby powder on your baby on the beach works, friends. It keeps the sand off of them while they play. Keeping them from eating sand is a whole other story, though. Baby powder will be a staple in our beach bag from here on out. I wish I knew this as a kid, then I wouldn’t have worn socks on the beach.


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend and Jimmie’s First Time at the Beach

  1. Mary Forlano says:

    Glad you guys had a wonderful time .. .don’t you just love watching little babies interact? Pictures are just too cute!

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