Jimmie’s First Birthday and Mother’s Day Recap

What a busy, busy weekend!

Jimmie had a great Birthday filled with library playing, Target shopping (he was not amused by this part,) pasta eating/finger painting with gravy, and donut eating (he wasn’t impressed.) We ended the day with his first time on a swing, which he loved!






happy birthday jimmie


Yes, those are tears.



Saturday we went to a bunch of yard sales where I got a few toys for Jimmie (they were small and 25 cents each!) and a shirt (for free!) We also stumbled upon a festival in Westminster, MD, where we had lunch. I had to hoover over Jimmie the whole time to make sure he didn’t get sunburn because I left the sunscreen in the car. He also had a rare pee leek onto his pants which ended in a no pants party. This fussy day of teething ended with a nap in the car.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, Jim made us pancakes for breakfast (my fav!) Then Jimmie and I had a Birthday party, which was more like, “Lets just talk about our kids the whole time because we really don’t have anything else in common” kinda thing. But the party was cute and Jimmie enjoyed jumping in the exersaucer. He also enjoying trying to steal someone else’s pacifier. He took home bubbles and a balloon, which will be fun to play with today. We ended the evening with homemade pizza and The Kate Plus 8 Mother’s Day Special (okay, I watched this alone.)





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