Friday Five

1. In case you didn’t know, today is Jimmie’s Birthday. (As if I didn’t post about it enough all week!) Jimmie woke up early so we were able to skype with my parents while we had breakfast. I am currently making gravy (red) for a his special pasta Birthday dinner. After lunch and nap #1, we are going to go to the library and then once Jim gets home, we are going to have dinner and then go to the park. We are also sneaking in some donut eating, Happy Birthday singing, and present opening time in there too.

2. Two nights ago I gave Jimmie his LAST bottle. At the time, I had no idea it was his last bottle. We did however, give him this bottle in the living room, instead on in his room right before bed, like he is used to. Since he didn’t do too bad going to sleep, we decided to change the bottle to a cup last night after our walk. I figured he was probably thirsty and would drink the milk. And I was right. He had just started drinking a significant amount of milk (more than a few sips) at the beginning of this week and I had hoped the transition would work out. We had been giving him milk for a month now, every day, but wouldn’t drink a lot. It took a little longer for him to fall asleep last night, but he did, and he slept through the night like normal. YAY! See ya never, bottles and formula!

3. This weekend is Mother’s Day. I am so happy that I get to share Jimmie’s Birthday weekend  with him because it’s when I became a mom. How special is that? Tomorrow we are going yard sale hunting  and on Sunday we have a Birthday party for another one year old that we know from the library. We will go to that for a bit and then Jim is making us pizza.

4. Chris Soules and Witney were kicked off Dancing With the Stars this week. It was time. They were okay, but not good enough for the semi-finals. I was kinda shocked when he and Witney (his partner, not fiance) kissed him on the LIPS when they found out they were leaving. I then googled if Chris and the other Whitney were still engaged, and sources are saying they may not be. Hmmm…

5. I finished the next Pretty Little Liars book Burned this week. It was seriously the worst one yet. In book 12, the girls are trying to figure out who the “new” A is (duh.) In Burned, all four girls go on a cruise for a class trip. (Who takes a cruise with their high school? Why didn’t I do to their school?) I have know idea why Sara Shepard decided to drag the series out so long. I’m so committed that I have to finish, but it’s becoming painful. 4 more books to go! (I seriously thought there were only 2 more. I just looked it up and I’m not happy that I still have to read four more.)







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