Jimmie’s Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party

Jimmie’s first First Birthday party was Disney Cars themed. We are having two parties for our little almost one year old. The first one was with Jim’s immediate family and the second one will be with my immediate family. We thought about having one big party and inviting all of our family and friends, but at the end of the day that is just too many people and it would have turned into a mini wedding. As much as we love everyone who is a part of Jimmie’s life, having two small parties was what ended up being the best plan for him.


Cones from Target Dollar Spot/Decorations and Balloons from Party City





These little stuffed Cars were my favorite find at a consignment sale for $1


Cake from BJ’s


Sally’s Stoplight fruit skewers


Luigi’s Casa Della Chocolate Spare Tires

The food labels for the donuts and the fruit skewers are from All Things D & G. I added the little car picture by printing it on a separate piece of paper and taping it on. Originally, I had plans to do all of this DIY decor and food, but I just didn’t have time. I also knew it would be hard to make stuff and bring it with us to Jim’s parent’s house, therefore we kept it simple and fun. Jimmie had a great day, especially when it came time to eat cake! I was so nervous about his first cake experience. He ate his piece of cake like a champ and even scored some extra cake from his aunt when mommy wasn’t looking.

first cake




Jimmie’s Cars shirt: Old Navy


3 thoughts on “Jimmie’s Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party

  1. Stephanie says:

    How is he almost one! I have already started “planning” George’s birthday. Was it weird to do a party before he turned one? We are having some issues with dates due to some other family commitments (already 4 months in advance) so it looks like we may have to do it before he is actually one.

    • Rosie says:

      No, it wasn’t weird. I’m pretty sure he will have a lot of parties not on his Birthday because he was born right before Mother’s Day. Therefore Mother’s Day is always going to pose some sort of conflict. It was still a fun celebration!

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