Book Review: The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country by Mike Berenstain

god bless

Mike Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan Berenstain, has written another enlightening Berenstain Bears book for children. In God Bless Our Country, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear learn about America’s Birthday, the Fourth of July. There is a big parade in Bear Country and Mama Bear and Papa Bear are hard at work getting ready for the big day. Mama Bear is making bunting for the parade route and Papa Bear is marching in the parade, in his old uniform, because he served his country.

God Bless Our Country is a wonderful story to read to your child to teach them about how America was born. The story briefly introduces what the Declaration of Independence is, as well as, the Statue of Liberty and how it was God’s will for our country to be born. You can elaborate on these ideas with your children as you look at the pictures. The pictures are very detailed and bright. Since the story was a bit long for my 11 month old, I think the pictures are what kept him engaged.

I really enjoyed reading this book to my son. I know he will appreciate it more when he is a little older, especially when I can give him some of the stickers that came with it; they’re really cute. I can see us reading this book every Fourth of July to honor our country. As an Army wife, I love finding books like this one to share with my son. Not only does it shed light on our nation’s history, but it teaches about God, and the importance of serving your country.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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