Friday Five

1. April showers bring May flowers. We are getting soaked over here on the East Coast, but thankfully, the weekend is supposed to be nice. And thank goodness for that because we have a busy one. Tomorrow, Jimmie and I are spending the day with my best friend, Ashley, while our husbands play some board game that takes longer than Monopoly and Risk, combined. On Sunday, we are going to church and then to Jimmie’s first MLB game, the Baltimore Orioles Vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

2. I’m currently reading the 11th Pretty Little Liar book in the series, Stunning, and I’m sorry Sara Shepard, but it’s pretty terrible. The quality of the story has gone down hill since it started, which actually runs parallel to the show’s quality. I’ll keep reading and watching, though, because I have to know who A is.

3. I started to transition Jimmie to a straw cup a few days ago. He has only been using straw cups since we started regularly giving him a cup around Christmas time. I’m glad we avoided the sippy cup because from what I read, it’s just has hard to get kids off that too. I’m only trying to transition his snack bottle right now, and so far there has been refusal and tears. He drinks water our of his cups at meals (sometimes) and he doesn’t like juice (yay!). But this whole milk out of a cup thing isn’t his thing. The best resource I have found on how to take the big leap is from Web MD. We will get there by his first Birthday, I am determined. He really isn’t that attached to his bottle, so I thought it would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong!

4. My new thing is to watch Dancing With the Stars the day after it is on. I can focus on the dances and the scores, without all of the boring stuff. It really is a time saver. (I know my tips on how to speed up your reality TV watching addiction are riveting.) Noah and Sharna’s dance on Monday was beautiful. And although I don’t think they are the best to win,  I am still amazed by Noah’s heroism and talent. I really like watching Val and Rumor Willis dance. I have always loved Val and his partners on Dancing With the Stars.

5. I think they’re building a WAWA closer us here in Maryland. We have one about 15 minutes away, but it isn’t in the direction we usually drive, ever. I’m pretty pumped because that is the only place I feel comfortable pumping my own gas. Plus, 2 for $3 breakfast sandwiches; YUM! In case you didn’t know, April 16 is free WAWA coffee day. Maybe I’ll make the trek for some caffeine.


easter outtake

Easter outtake, but still cute!



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