Jimmie’s First Easter

101_8423Jimmie’s first Easter was wonderful. The Easter bunny came to visit and he was very excited. What did the Easter Bunny bring? He brought books, socks, puffs, a puzzle, and an Elmo doll. No candy this year!







101_8437We went to a beautiful service at the church where we were married. Jimmie slept through most of it, even when the music got loud. We were very surprised. One of his new favorite words to heard us say, “Alleluia!” He cracks up when we say it and raise our hands in the air.



We hope your day was just as blessed as ours.


One thought on “Jimmie’s First Easter

  1. Stephanie says:

    George likes to “sing” at church. It’s the only time he does it when music is on. Our family can hardly sit still because we are laughing so hard at his singing.

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