Friday Five

1. Happy April! It is supposed to be a beautiful day on Sunday for Easter. Easter is Jimmie’s last first holiday. How sad is that? I guess we can squeeze one more in and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. What do you think? He has the cutest, cutest Easter outfit. I can’t wait to dress him up and take him to Church.

2. Little man is currently getting his 7th tooth. I thought teething was supposed to get easier. Why does it seem to get worse with every single tooth? I’m dreading the molars! Hopefully then don’t come in the same week I get my wisdom teeth out.

3. I finished Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult this week. I am not going to do a full on book review because I feel like it’s almost impossible to do so without giving something away. I will say that the ending blew my mind: I was completely shocked.

4. I think I have admitted this before, but I watch Teen Mom. I mean, do you expect anything less from me? Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I was watching this weeks episode where the kids started kindergarten. I cried REAL TEARS when Bentley went to his first day. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be kicking and screaming when I have to let go of Jimmie’s hand. Why do they grow so fast?

5. Not only is it Easter weekend, but it’s also BASEBALL WEEKEND! I wish we were going to the Phillies home opener, but I will have to settle for watching it on the Slingbox. Yep, still putting that little magic box to good use by watching Phillies games through it.

Have a great Easter and enjoy the return of the best sport ever, baseball. Go Phillies!


Playing with his new big boy toys


Ready for Palm Sunday service


Does it get any cuter? Kid loves his mama’s gravy!



Teething baby cuteness. He seriously looks like a toddler here!




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