Influenster Voxbox Review: Carefree #Freshisfierce


It’s no secret that us gals get our periods; one of the wonderful parts about being pregnant is not getting a period. Since those days are long over for me, I have to get back into the groove of using feminine products. My period has been all over the place and I never know when it’s going to come. Sometimes I can predict it, sometimes I can’t. Carefree makes great pantiliners to help with my period’s unpredictability.


Carefree acti-fresh pantiliners come in a nice little pink pouch that I can throw in my diaper bag for when I need them. I remember using these when I was younger. They seem to be sturdier and bigger these days, perfect for working out and running errands. These pantiliners are for women who move around and don’t want to worry about their liner moving around too.


I wish this Voxbox was a little more exciting; although the little pink box was super duper cute. I thought there would be a few Carefree prodcuts inside, but alas it was just a small box of pantiliners; 20 to be exact. I am always happy to try and share new products, but this box could have used a bit more pizzazz (At least there was a coupon inside for 50 cents off!)

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.carefree

If you want to be a part of the Influenster team use this link to sign up! You can sign up and receive free full sized products too. (You do not need a blog to join.)


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