The Big Bump Picture

In a little over a month, Jimmie will be one. I still can’t wrap my mind around that statement. Not only will Jimmie be one, but it’ll also be my one year anniversary of not being pregnant anymore. Is that a thing? I hated being pregnant. Most people probably thought I loved it because I have always thought being pregnant would be the best thing ever, but it was the exact opposite for me.

Easter Bunny

My handsome, little man. Easter 2015.

I always wanted to be a mom and I always wanted to be pregnant. Never did I think I would hate it as much as I did. I had an easy pregnancy compared to a lot of people I know, mainly my sister-in-law who was sick the WHOLE time she was pregnant. Not only did I not have morning sickness, I didn’t have too many food aversions, and I never peed my pants. I slept pretty well for the majority of my pregnancy (Jimmie never kept me up, which is probably why he sleeps all night now!) and I only had back pain from 30 weeks on. (Although, at the time, the back pain seemed constant and never ending)

Women say how they miss being pregnant, but I don’t. I’d rather have Jimmie in my arms than in my belly. I worried too much while I was pregnant. And even though I worry too much now, I feel like I worry a little less. I didn’t think I could protect him more while he was inside of me, the way some people do. I hated “being fat.” I hated not knowing when the pregnancy weight would come off and I hated having to eat “extra”. Seriously, it was a hassle to eat so much food. (Turns out it all came off by 5 months and I am still losing weight, which is strange.)

Where I’m going with this is: Here is my bump collage. (Long winded, right?)


And in black and white, just for funsies. I made these on Pretty cool right? It took forever but I think they turned out great. I can’t believe how much I changed from the top left picture to the bottom right picture. At the time I thought I was a skinny, pregnant girl. Wrong. I was pretty darn big; I can now see it in my face. I had baby blinders on before. 

black and white


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