Friday Five

1. We finally made the jump from Comcast internet/cable to Verizon yesterday. Some people say it was a mistake, but it has been a long time coming. We had so many issues with Comcast and half the time, our internet was too slow to even use. I’m sure it can’t get any worse than Comcast, therefore this was a good move for us. Plus, we saves $30 a month!

2. I’m way past ready for Spring to come and stay. Yesterday’s weather reminded me why I want to live down South. I would love having two or three “cold” winter days and the rest just pleasant days. I would gladly give up my UGGS and winter coats for good.

3. Who’s Charles? That’s the big question on all Pretty Little Liars minds. I’m pretty pissed that another season has come and gone and we still really don’t know who “A” is. We can only assume he is related to Allison. It could be Andrew or it could be Jason’s twin brother. Who knows? Really though, who knows? Give me their number. I wonder how Sara Shepard feels about all of these twists and turns. How cool was it that she was in an episode this reason? I definitely predicted that Mona wasn’t dead, and I was right. I’m glad she is back. I wonder how long the girls will be stuck in the creepy dollhouse. Aren’t they supposed to graduate soon? Go to college?

4. I’m currently reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. It is an interesting book but I am dragging my feet on it. Hopefully I can find some time to read it this weekend. I try to read before bed but then I just get tired and want to go to sleep. Jimmie has been napping a lot in the Ergo, though, which means I have some time that I have to sit, which is when I have been doing a lot of my reading.

5. Jimmie must be getting another tooth. Yesterday he was very clingy, which is unlike him. He has also been fighting naps tooth and nail, pun intended. I hold my breath when I put him down and pray that he will nap. If not, into the Ergo he goes. The kid has to nap.

Five blog posts I am loving this week:

I wish Someone Would’ve Warned Me About These BIG FEELINGS (Of course I cried.)

Why I put my Kids to Bed at 7:00 (Jimmie goes to bed around 7. When we try to keep him up later, he fights it. He likes his 12 hours [or more] sleep schedule. Which is why I really can’t complain about naps.)

Chatty Patty (Kids really do say the cutest things. I found this blog over the weekend and I am loving what this little girl has to say! This Dad blogger is so sweet.)

The Most Insane List of Care Instructions Ever Left (This was me when we went to Disney. I lived with my parents for two months, not too long ago, and I still felt the need to go into great detail. But hey, my mom said my instructions were almost spot on, so go me)

Old Times (I’m still carrying Jimmie in his Ergo. I thought about this yesterday and how I have been carrying him around for almost 20 months [9 in my belly and 11 in the Ergo.] I’m going to be sad when he won’t go in the Ergo anymore. Jim just started wearing him on his back last weekend. I don’t like it as much because I can’t kiss his face when he is back there!)


My little rocker



Jimmie can go from standing to sitting, but not sitting to standing. Either way, he is so proud of himself when he stands.



Jimmie thinks he is an elephant too.






My new spot to blog while Jimmie plays in his playroom.



3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the picture on the elephant! I agree with PLL and them dragging out who A is. I think that Charles is a lost brother of Allie, but what I don’t understand if that is the case why he is torturing the other girls. I guess only time will tell. I want to read the original books, but I know they are so different than the show so I don’t want to read them until the show is over so I don’t get frustrated.

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