From Dining Room to Playroom

Now that Jimmie is on the move (still army crawling), we decided we should give him a little more space. We had our one (and only one) table in the dining room of our town home. Our kitchen is connected to a small room. We could have turned it into another eating area when we moved in, but we we decided to use it as a library/dump everything baby and random stuff in there because we didn’t feel the need to have two tables.

The other night while watching a documentary on Netflix called Tiny, I decided maybe we could put out dining room table into the library. Obviously, we didn’t downsize our home but somehow this revelation was inspired by the movie. It was 9:30 at night and we decided, let’s measure and then see if we could make it work. So we measured (Jim measured) and we figured out that there was a good chance that we could empty out the dining room and stick everything in other rooms. This would make space for the baby and utilize a room that is hardly used. Our “library” also has a fireplace. Since we previously had no where to sit in there, we hardly used it. Next winter we will be using our fire place a lot more. We also put a desk in the playroom to keep the laptop on and printer. Now all the baby stuff is in one room. Of course, it trickles out into the living room, but at least at the end of the night, I can put it in its place and have my living room back.

dining room

dining room before


dining room after



library before



library after



My before and after pictures obviously are not from the same perspective, but I hope you get the idea. I probably should have thought about this post before the switch, not after. Jimmie is loving all of the extra space and we are loving the new set up too. The best part is, we can look out onto our deck when we eat, which backs up to some woods. This, of course, distracts, Jimmie. I just close the blinds when that happens.


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