Friday Five

1. I think this whole “Race Together” Starbucks campaign isn’t the best idea Starbucks has ever had. If I still worked for the company, I would not participate. You know why? Because people shouldn’t be discussing diversity issues with strangers. Yes, Starbucks is supposed to be your “third place” between work and home. But do you really think people want to have deep discussion about race at 6 AM? I sure don’t. I knew a lot of my customers by their first names, but that doesn’t mean I wanted to have a in-depth discussion (while I am trying to work and they’re trying to get their coffee) about such hot topics. If people want to discuss race, they can with their friends, not their baristas.

2. I watched Chris Soules on dancing with the stars this week. He wasn’t that bad! His arms were a little stiff, which was mentioned by the judges, but other than that, this farmer has moves. I love his partner, Witney. I thought it was a little awkward when he forced her to motorboat him in rehearsal. How does his future wife, Whitney, feel about that? I’m pretty sure I don’t want anyone rubbing their face between my husband’s pecks, just sayin’.

3. The Blue Angels flew over Disney’s Magic Kingdom yesterday on a their way to an airshow in Florida. I had the pleasure of seeing a Blue Angels rehersal when I was living in Pensacola. They are truly amazing. What a special day for those visiting Magic Kingdom.

4. I am loving this article from Mama Lion Strong: To All of the Selfish Moms. I think there is too much pressure to be the perfect parent. There is a notion that if you don’t spend 24/7 with your kids, you’re “selfish.” I applaud all parents that make time for themselves (it’s easier said than done) and applaud this blogger. Kuddos!

5.  Today is the first day of Spring! We survived Jimmie’s first winter with one illness and not having to play in the snow. Of course, it’s snowing today. I woke up to let Toby out and thought, “Is this a joke?” I highly doubt I’ll go out and get my free Rita’s today. “They say” it’s supposed to be in the 60’s tomorrow. I guess I’ll just have to pay for my water ice.










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