Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival 2015

flower gardenWhen Jim and I decided to go to Disney World, I checked all of my usual Disney blogs to see when the crowds are low/prices are low and also looked for when the 2015 Flower and Garden Festival was going to start. Originally, we were going to go during the first full week the festival was running (March 8-13) , but I soon found out that was the first week of the unofficial start of Spring Break in Disney World. Prices were a lot higher that week than the week prior, so I settled for two days of the Flower and Garden Festival and extended our five day trip to a 6 day trip. We ended up going March 1-6.



101_8042Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival started on March 4 and will run until May 17. We went the day the festival began and the crowds weren’t too bad. We were obviously there to see the special topiaries and flowers, but also to ride our favorite rides. Wait times were low for rides and special outdoor kitchen booths. I didn’t eat too many things from the outdoor kitchens. I did have the Florida Blueberry and Lemon Curd Tart from the Florida Fresh kiosk and it tasted amazing; I should have had two.




101_8010Our favorite part of the Flower and Garden Festival was the Butterflies on the Go walk through garden. Inside you can see dozens of butterflies flying all around. I saw a ton of different kinds of butterflies that I never saw before and was able to get really close to them to snap photos. My only complaint about the garden is that people were letting their kids touch the butterflies, which could actually kill a butterfly. Other than that, it was a great part of the festival.






101_7990 The other garden I really liked was the new Disney Pixar film “Inside Out” Emotion Garden I loved the bold colors. Other than those two gardens, everything else was kinda eh. The topiaries were really neat, but there weren’t a lot of unique flowers, like we expected. I enjoyed being outside in the warm weather and inhaling the fresh flower smells, but I think Disney could have done more on the WOW factor. Why wasn’t there a huge rose garden? (Although, the Shakespeare garden was cool, there could have been more roses there.)

101_8059Overall, we weren’t super impressed with the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. It was a fun one-time thing, but I’m glad we didn’t plan our entire vacation around it; that would have been disappointing. I wouldn’t not go if it were happening the week I planned on vacationing in Disney, I just wouldn’t go specifically for the festival again.




101_8045Not only were the crowds were really low when we went to the festival, they were also low the entire time we were in Disney, which made it a perfect week to visit. The weather was way better than I expected (mid-80’s) and we never had to stand on a bus to or from our resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. We absolutely adored our hotel. Every time we went to get breakfast in the food quart I wondered where everyone was. It was the perfect place to relax without kids. My only hotel complaint was that there wasn’t a quiet pool. The main pool (with the slide) had loud music on the afternoon for kids. We easily could have walked to a quiet pool at Port Orleans Riverside, but we chose not to. Not only did we fit pool time into our “relaxing” vacation, we also roasted marshmallows at the resort. The resort builds a fire in a fire pit every night (weather permitting) and provides marshmallows (free of charge!) for roasting. How cool is that?

A very nice bonus to our trip was that we were able to see the carriage from the new Disney Cinderella movie. It was on display at Hollywood Studios. It doesn’t get much more magical than that. Speaking of Hollywood Studios, rumor has it that the park will get its third name changed since it opened in 1989. I still call it MGM. Maybe it could just go back to that?



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