Taking a Vacation to Disney Without Your Kids


Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

Jim and I decided back in September that we were going to go to Disney World in March, without Jimmie. He was about to go away to Arizona for two months and we knew we wanted to take a vacation when he got back to somewhere warm. I like the beach, he doesn’t. I refused to do a time change because I don’t do well with jet lag. We decided on Disney again because A)I love Disney and B) they give the military an amazing discount.

2015 disney

Streets of America in Hollywood Studios

I kind of kept our vacation on the hush, hush because I didn’t want people to judge us. I didn’t want other peoples opinions to ruin our vacation. I know Jimmie is only 10 months, but I would not have left him if I didn’t think he was a good baby and that my parents could handle him. Jimmie sleeps through the night, naps regularly, and eats on a pretty set schedule. I worried, of course, and I missed him A TON, but we still enjoyed our vacation. We enjoyed our alone time, we needed it. Even though we enjoyed Disney without Jimmie, we can’t wait until Jimmie is old enough to go.  We are glad we chose not to bring him this time, even though we spent a lot of time looking at photos and videos my parents sent us.


The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom

I really think it is important to spend time with your spouse after you have a child. This past year has been a difficult adjustment and although it was worth it, we needed some rest and relaxation. We could have brought Jimmie with us, but he wouldn’t have remembered the vacation. He would have been hot and probably cranky. We don’t get many “date nights.” We don’t have a babysitter here, and our parents aren’t close enough to us to just drop him off so that we can go out. We really don’t mind bringing Jimmie on our “dates” but sometimes we need it to be just the two of us. Which is why we took a year of “date nights” and put them into one vacation.

disney 2012-2

Meeting Goofy and Pluto

Would we go on vacation without Jimmie again? Definitely. We are already thinking about going on a cruise next winter. As much as we missed our baby, we benefited greatly from just having some time for us. We did “adult” things, like sit at a bar where shared a beer sampler and dessert. We stayed up later than we normally do to watch a comedian. We went on rides that we know the baby won’t be able to go on for a long time. We were silly and in love.  It was perfect. The weather was amazing and we came back refreshed. I highly recommend this to all new parents. As for Jimmie, he enjoyed his vacation at his grandparent’s house too, even though it snowed most of the week. He was spoiled with hugs, kisses, new toys, and new clothes.


Every vacation needs a duckface selfie

If Disney isn’t your thing, you could certainly go somewhere else. Just make sure you leave your little bundle of joy with someone who your child knows well and that you trust completely. I’m sure people are still judging us as they read this, and that’s fine. I honestly don’t care because I know that our vacation was the best choice for us and I look forward to doing it again. We probably won’t be taking as many of these vacations when Jimmie is older, but for now, they’re just what we need. Don’t get me wrong, we love taking Jimmie so many other places. We have been to zoos, small towns, new restaurants, and museums. When the weather is above freezing we go on weekend adventures to new spots in Maryland and Virginia. And of course, Jimmie went to Arizona with me to visit Jim while he was there. He is a great traveler and we are even talking about taking him on a two week road trip next summer. Embrace parenthood, but don’t forget about your marriage. Being a parent is an important job, but so is being in love with the man or woman you married.


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