Happy Ten Months, Jimmie!

I can’t believe my baby is going to be one in TWO months! WHERE did the time go???




Favorites: Cheerios, yogurt, library time on Wednesdays, dropping things on the ground from his high chair, clucking his tongue, the hot dog song on Mickey Mouse Club House.

Weight: Jimmie is eating way more solids this month than last month, so I’m sure he has gained a pound or two since his 9 month check up. All I know is, I officially can’t carry him up and down our front stairs anymore in the car seat. Good thing it is starting to warm up and he doesn’t have to be as bundled to go 20 feet.

Firsts this month: First sickness, first time sitting in a shopping cart, first time spending the night away from mom and dad, eating Cheerios, eating pasta, waving (sort of),

Nightly sleep schedule:  Going to bed around 7pm and waking up around 7:30am. Let’s see how daylight savings affects this. Hoping he stays up a bit later because sometimes he wants to go to bed at 6:30!

Favorite toy: Infantino Multi Textured Ball Set – I just got him these balls, but he really seems to love all the different colors and textures. He loves playing catch; he usually returns the ball by kicking it.

Hardest moment of the month: Jimmie getting sick on our anniversary. Poor baby threw up all over the place. Trying to clean him up, calm him down, and keep Toby from licking the floor was pretty much a disaster. Also leaving Jimmie for a week to go to Disney was really hard.

Best moment of the month: Jimmie makes coming home from vacation worth it. We missed him so much and it was great kissing him all over after a week and seeing him smile.







3 thoughts on “Happy Ten Months, Jimmie!

    • Rosie says:

      He’s turning into a little boy, not a baby anymore 😦 I gave it to him after he was 9 months. The doctor said he could have it at his 9 month appt. You know it’s really hard to find whole milk yogurt! But I aim to get a big container of plain stonyfield whole milk yogurt. But they are usually out of it, so I end up getting the stonyfield whole milk baby yogurt.

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