Friday Five

1. Another week, another ridiculous amount of snow. I’m ready for the sunshine. Luckily we’re going to Disney next week where it’ll be in the 80’s the entire time. I may just sit in a chair and just bask. (Yea right, I’m going to ride as many rides as I can and act like a kid again.)

2. I just finished reading For the Right Reasons: America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Marriage, and Why Nice Guy Finish First by Sean Lowe. Expect my review next week. If you don’t want to wait for the review, and just want to buy it, I won’t judge you. It’s really good!

3. After being sick last week, Jimmie is weaning off his bottle/formula. He is only eating about 20 oz a day, which the doctor says is fine, and eating more than double the amount of solids he used to eat. This week he had some Sonyfield whole milk plain yogurt, beachnut pumpkin/apple mix and spinach/zucchini/quinoa mix, Kashi waffles, and multi grain cereal.  This kid is seriously eating better than me. I didn’t even have time to eat breakfast yesterday. I’m going to try to start making him some homemade mixes when I get back from Florida.

4. I can’t believe Becca is still on The Bachelor. She is obviously not there “for the right reasons.” (See what I did there?) I did not want to see Kaitlyn leave, even though I wasn’t a huge Kaitlyn fan. Do you think she will be the next Bachelorette? I’m glad I’m not missing the season finale while I’m in Disney, I’ll just miss the “Women Tell All” show, which is usually a huge waste of time anyways.

5. I ordered more Honest Company diapers this week. (I am obviously out of “interesting” things to talk about.) I had another 50% off coupon. It really is the only way I’ll order their diapers. I love them SO much but they’re too expensive without a coupon. The coupon brings the bundle down to less than $40 and since you get 4 packs of wipes too, it is cheaper than buying Pampers from Target (even when they run the $10 gift card deal.) When we used Honest diapers before, Jimmie had less blowouts and less diaper rashes. They’re way cuter and don’t have that diaper smell. Their wipes are the best! I always buy the travel packs for my diaper bag because we don’t use them as much as the ones we buy for home.


cuddling while Jimmie was sick. This is my sad face, not duck face.


Jimmie will use anything to play peek-a-boo, even his sweatshirt hood


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