It’s Hump Day!

The week is already halfway over. I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day has come and gone and tomorrow is me and Jim’s four year Anniversary.


Our weekend was very low-key and relaxing. We made pizza for Valentine’s Day and didn’t leave the house at all because it was too cold. On Sunday, my parents had to cancel their visit because of the cold weather, snow, ice, and wind. Jim and I were supposed to go out to lunch for our Anniversary, but ended up just staying inside all day because once again, it was too cold.



Monday, we bundled Jimmie up and actually did leave the house. We decided he could be the third wheel on our Anniversary date. He was such a good little boy at Buffalo Wild Wings and only cried when I took my water away from him. He was sucking my water through the straw like he hadn’t had anything to drink for days.


Buffalo Wild Wings was amazing. It was my first time there. Jim went while he was in Arizona and told me I would love it. I had my doubts, but went anyways, because sometimes guys should get to choose where us gals eat too. The Asian Zing was out of this world and so was the Parmesan Garlic. We also had Spicy Garlic (way too spicy for me) and Honey BBQ, which was okay. On Mondays they have 60 cent wings. Seriously, does it get any better than that? We will be back sometime soon, hopefully on a Monday!

Tuesday was a snow day for Jim. I love when he gets those in the Army! A snow day for Jim meant some alone time shopping for me. I went to Target and Kohls all by myself. Of course, most of the stuff I bought was for Jimmie. He needed 12 month winter clothes because his 9 month winter clothes are too small. Luckily, a lot of winter stuff is on sale at Kohls so I bought him a few things that should get us through the rest of the season.


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