Walt Disney Wolrld “You Are Here” Starbucks Mugs

disney starbucks mugs

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Disney and Starbucks. My two favorite companies. It’s no secret that I love both of these brands and can talk about each one, individually, for hours. But both of them together? Oh, it’s a dream come true. Working in Walt Disney World as as a barista is on my bucket list, I kid you not. In the Starbucks I used to work at, I would sometimes tell customers to have a magical day, this was way before Starbucks and Disney joined hands to make the ultimate coffee shop.

When the majority of Disney fans were upset that Starbucks branding was going to ruin their magical parks, I was jumping for joy (literally).When we went to Disney last year, and I had my first Starbucks Drink in Magic Kingdom (black tea lemonade with one pump of classic,) I was in my happy place. As I walked through the Mainstreet Bakery. I thought about how awesome it would be if Starbucks created mugs for Disney, but I didn’t really see it happening. (Not only am I an avid Starbucks mug collector, but I also buy at least one Disney mug on every trip I go on, even when I say that I won’t be buying anymore.)

The other day, while going through my routine of reading several Disney blogs, I stumbled upon an article about Disney Starbucks mugs. I was elated because the article said that the mugs would be available before I went in March. Then reality struck me. I would either have to secretly buy them and stow them away in my luggage OR get rid of some of my mugs at home to make room. Since I was too excited to not tell Jim about them, I promised him I would donate a few old mugs to make room for the new mugs. We agreed that I would get rid of two mugs, and buy the Magic Kingdom Mug and the Epcot mug. I tricked him into saying he wanted the Animal Kingdom mug, but unfortunately for him (*cough*me) it will not be available when we go. I also am not sure if I want the Hollywood Studios mug, but figured I could ask my mom to bring me that one when she goes. (I’m clever, I know.)

Currently, the Epcot mug is available at the Fountain View in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom mug is available at the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom. It has been reported that the Hollywood Studios Starbucks location, the Trolly Car Cafe, is due to open in February, which is when the mug will be available. The Animal Kingdom Starbucks will be opening later this year. All of the mugs are $14.95, which is bit expensive in my eyes (they’re usually around $9.95) but sometimes you just have to suck it up, close your eyes, and pay for it, because hey, it’s vacation.
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 Also available at all Starbucks locations in the parks are these ceramic mugs and acrylic cold beverage tumblers.


3 thoughts on “Walt Disney Wolrld “You Are Here” Starbucks Mugs

  1. Kristin Glass says:

    I love these mugs too!!! I was just browsing the internet for a place that I can purchase one and I came across your post.

    My two friends and I were just in Disneyworld last week and discovered that the park mugs existed – amazing! We managed to get Hollywood Studios mugs, but the last day we were there, we went to get our Magic Kingdom mugs and they were all sold out! So devastating… especially because that was really the main souvenir each of us wanted. Now I am left trolling the internet to find ways to order them online without spending TOO much money, haha.

      • Kristin Glass says:

        They told us at Epcot that they didn’t have the mugs until March, so I would think you should be ok on that front!

        As far as MK, if you see them, but them right away! We had no idea they could sell out so we passed up on an opportunity to purchase, planning to pick them up when more convenient!

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