Friday Five

1. I registered for a library card this week. I am really excited to be able to borrow books from the library and read them on my Kindle. Only problem is, all the books I want to read are the same books everyone else wants to read too. I did download three books yesterday, two of which I am definitely going to read. I also borrowed three kids books from the library. You can borrow up to 99 books at a time. Crazy, right? Jimmie is in love with Cha Cha Chimps by Julia Durango. I may actually have to buy it. The first time we read it he cracked up. It is similar to 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

2. We ordered one of the new pizzas from Pizza Hut’s new menu this week, except they screwed it up. We ordered a 3 cheese stuffed crust pizza with creamy garlic Parmesan sauce and balsamic sauce drizzle. When I opened up the box there was no drizzle. I was pissed. You bet Pizza Hut got an angry letter from this girl. PLUS only three out of our five cheesy bread sticks had cheese on them. What the heck?

3. I didn’t do a Bachelor recap this week because Monday’s episode seemed more fake than normal. Jimmy Kimmel was the guest host who planned some weird dates for the girls, one of which was a trip to Costco. Ashley S. got another rose this week, which is mind blowing, as did Ashley I. Mackenzie is still around, even though she acted liked a child when she found our Chris was kissing everyone. And what’s the deal with Britt and Jillian cuddling and holding hands? Maybe they are finding true love in other ways on the show…

4. Jimmie went to his first baby and me class this week. He was in awe with all the babies. He hasn’t been around too many munchkins, up until this point, except for a few friends that have kids. He was happy the whole time and even squealed in delight when we were singing. We danced, sang songs, clapped, waved, and looked at bubbles. It was really fun and we are going to try to go every Wednesday at the library.

5. When did they start naming snow storms? Did this start when we were in Korea? Apparently Winter Storm Iola is supposed to hit the Northeast this weekend. Looks like we will be looking at the snow through the window again. ugh, hate snow!

37 weeks





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