Happy Eight Months, Jimmie!

January is only almost halfway over and we are already tired of winter! The only bonus to winter is the days start to get longer again. Jimmie had a busy month of firsts with his first Christmas and first New Year’s Eve. He has a ton of new toys to play with, a ton of new books to read, and new clothes to wear. He is one happy, happy boy!

Favorites: Sweet potatoes/corn mix, sitting and playing, watching Live! with Kelly and Michael in the morning (he loves them!), banging his toys together. Jimmie thinks it’s hilarious when I sniff his butt and tell him he stinks, even when he doesn’t.

Weight: heavy! I know, I really need to get on the scale with him, I just always forget. He is starting to fit into some 12 month outfits and is pretty much out of all of his six month stuff.

Firsts this month: First time he rolled to the left (he preferred the right up until this month), first Christmas, first New Year’s, first pancakes, first mixed fruits/veggies purees, first mum mum rice cakes.

Nightly sleep schedule:  Jimmie sleeps from 8:00 PM- 7:30 AM on most days. Sometimes he even sleeps until 8 or 8:30. On those days, when he sleeps later, he takes one less nap.

Favorite toy: Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks, Fisher-price Rainforest Jumparoo 

Hardest moment of the month:Teething! Jimmie got his third tooth. It was definitely more painful for him than number 1 and 2. He also got his first diaper rash and I was panicking about that.

Best moment of the month: Seeing Jimmie learn new things by playing with his toys and interacting with us. He is also talking up a storm which is the cutest thing ever.








4 thoughts on “Happy Eight Months, Jimmie!

  1. Mary Forlano says:

    Can Toby get any cuter as he give Jimmie a little kiss? Love the pictures! Eight months already! Time goes by to fast – enjoy every moment with him! 🙂

    • Rosie says:

      It’s going to be a little harder for you since you said you’re going to switch to full-time formula? (btw 6 months of breast feeding is FABULOUS you have nothing to feel bad about!! you are doing great!) It’s hard to find a formula/solid food balance. At first we did rice cereal but I quickly switched over to oatmeal. I was doing one solid food meal a day (plus formula) and by 7 months he was having two solid food meals a day.

      He typically has 6 oz of formula plus 3 tablespoons of oatmeal around 8am (some of that formula is mixed with the oatmeal), he then has a veggie/fruit stage 2 4 oz container for lunch around noon plus 5 or 6 oz of formula. Then a 7 oz bottle for dinner around 4 then 7-8 oz bottle around 7:30. He has been doing this for about a month and a half. I am going to start adding another solid meal soon. I give him his “solids” first because he was filling up on formula and wouldn’t eat any solids. I know formula is still supposed to be his main source of nutrients, but he still needs to eat more than a spoonful (which was what he was doing if I tried to give them to him second!) I also tried feeding him a full bottle and then feeding him a solids feeding two hours later….didn’t work out. He still gets 25-28 oz of formula a day, which isn’t that much less than what he was having before he started solids. He just dropped one feeding and I made the other feedings bigger. He also has mum mums when we eat dinner because he gets PISSED when we eat and he doesn’t. I know we have to start giving him more “real” solids. But I’m nervous! Plus, he can grab things great, but his pincher grasp isn’t really there and I read that feeding babies real solids by hand (or spoon) could cause choking as opposed to them feeding themselves. Just found this awesome site yesterday. I may start taking some of her advice.

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