Friday Five

1. Happy New Year! It amazes me that I can now say, “I had Jimmie last year!” THIS YEAR Jimmie is going to be one. I remember ringing in the 2014 New Year sitting on the couch with Jim and Toby, pregnant and excited for an amazing year ahead. Even though 2014 brought happiness, it also brought sadness. As 2015 begins, we can only look forward to a year of good health and happiness.

2. We spent NYE with Jim’s parents and Jimmie. We made tons of appetizers and were too full to even have more than one drink. After eating too much, and not drinking enough, we were too tired to stay up until midnight. We said our goodnights at 10:45 and were fast asleep by 11. (Jimmie was fast asleep by 8:15.)

3. I think Jimmie is allergic to carrots. It’s a shame because he really seems to like them. The first time he had them I thought that the diaper rash was from teething. It started to get worse after I gave him mixed veggies (that included carrots). The diaper rash cleared up and then I gave him more carrots yesterday, not only did he spit a lot of them up, but his diaper rash started to get worse again. I guess we will stop with the carrots for a while.

4. I don’t have too many New Year’s resolutions this year. I hope to read more books and less magazines. I also hope to make the bed more often than not. It always feels better getting in a bed that has been made in the morning, as opposed to fixing it right before you get in.

5. 4moms is giving away their new mamaRoo every day this month! Head on over to their Facebook page for details. I won a rockaRoo last year from a blog giveaway in January. We love ours so much and you can read my review here. Unfortunately, Jimmie is getting tired of it and we are going to put it away soon, but it has been one of the most useful baby products during these past 8 months.



First and last fire of 2014




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