Friday Five

1. Next week is Christmas. Are you ready? I finished all of my shopping yesterday. It was such a relief. Now I have to start baking cookies. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the cookie making.

2. Norman Bridwell, the author/illustrator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, died on Wednesday at the age of 86. Clifford made his big debut in 1963. He was featured in over 40 stories with two more to come next year. What a sad, sad day for Clifford fans. May he rest in peace.

3. Jimmie is really starting to enjoy eating solids (finally!) We were off to a good start, then he started only eating a few bites a day. Now he is up to a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and a container of either fruits or veggies in the afternoon. He also had his first taste of table food the other day, mash potatoes. He wanted more, for sure!

4. Jim came home from Arizona late Friday night. We put up our tree the next day. This was the first year we had a normal size tree. Our “first” tree (which was for our second Christmas) was tiny. Last year, we didn’t have a tree because we moved in 2 weeks before Christmas. This year, we found our awesome tree at a yard sale for only $10, right before Jimmie was born. I told Jim this can be the “kids” tree when Jimmie grows up because we are going to have multiple trees (hah yea right! I hate taking decorations down from one tree, let alone more than one tree!)

5. I have become obsessed with Christmas books this year. My parents always gave me a Christmas book each year and I hope to do the same for Jimmie. I bought him two this year: The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas and an Elmo Christmas book that I found at the Target Dollar Spot. I have also been reading all of my old Christmas books to him. My favorite is The Christmas Tree That Grew. We may have to add Clifford’s Christmas to our collection this year too, in honor of Norman Bridwell.



Jimmie doesn’t have a Clifford stuffed animal. Horton decided to fill in.





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