Ode to My Coffee: A Mommy Who Just Misses Her Morning Brew

Ode to My Coffee


Oh, coffee.

I used to drink you as soon as I woke up.

I’d sit there and sip

and sip

and sip.

Now, you mock me.

I scoop you into the pot

Add water

and you brew.

I can hear you laughing

and laughing

and laughing.

Then you start to smell oh so good.

You know there are many miles to go

Before I can sit and drink you.

You know how tired I am

But you laugh all the same.

There are many things that must be done

Before I can savor you.

The baby’s bottle needs to be made.

Then his oatmeal needs to be mixed.

Bottles need to be washed

and dishes need to be put away.

The dog needs to be let out

and fed.

Then it’s time to get the baby up.

Change the baby’s diaper.

Feed the baby oatmeal.

(and you know that is no easy task.)

Here comes the airplane.

Where is my coffee?

Which is really what I’m thinking.

As an airplane comes and goes

For what seems like a million times.

Feed the baby his bottle.

Burp the baby.

Then, finally, you’re mine.

All mine.


Sweet, sweet coffee.

Then the baby spits up

and it’s back to mommy mode.

Goodbye coffee.

See you soon.


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