Happy Seven Months, Jimmie!

It’s already December? Jimmie is SEVEN months? That is only five months away from one, people. OH MY GOODNESS!

Favorites: Bouncing in his Baby Einstein exersaucer,  standing with assistance, and eating oatmeal.

Weight: Didn’t have a check up this month, but Jimmie seems to keep getting chunkier. I love it! He is in mainly 9 month clothing.

Firsts this month: First solid foods! During his sixth month of life Jimmie tried: rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and squash. Jimmie also sat on his own this month and figured out how to bounce in his bouncer. His first Thanksgiving happened this month too! Busy, busy baby!

Nightly sleep schedule:  There were 17 days of sleep regression. I chalk it up to six month shots, the six month sleep regression, and moving him from place to place these past few months. On the eve of his seventh month, Jimmie slept through the night again. Alleluia!

Favorite toy: Little Tykes Melody Piano and baby links (not this brand but something similar)

Hardest moment of the month: Sleep regression! He didn’t even wake up that much when he was a newborn. It was rough!

Best moment of the month: Spending so much time with family and friends and seeing Jimmie interact with them.






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