Friday Five

1. This week Jimmie had his first taste of oatmeal. He loves it WAY more than rice cereal. What he doesn’t love is bananas. What kid doesn’t love bananas? Mine. We’ll keep trying. He will learn to love them. We are going to try peaches and apples during the next few days.

2. My best friend from Korea, Rosa, came to visit us this week from New York. She is visiting her family in NY for a few months. We have been planning to meet up since I left Korea over a year ago! She finally got to meet Jimmie and see Toby again too. She used to watch Toby a lot for us in Korea. He is quite fond of her. It is so nice to meet forever friends in the Army!

3. Christmas is creeping up on me and I have barely done any shopping. All the little kiddos are done, including Jimmie, but that’s about it. I have to get a move on it before the malls become unbearable.

4. I stumbled upon a great book website, Bookbub, this week. The site compiles cheap daily e-book deals and free e-books. Sign up (with your email address) and start downloading; it’s pretty neat. I can’t wait to add more books to my Kindle and not read them. Hopefully I can start reading on a regular basis soon.

5. Jimmie had his first professional photo shoot at Target the other day with his cousin, Nolan. They both did amazing. The pictures turned out perfect. I could not be any happier with them. I can’t wait to share them on here after the holidays.


Jimmie and Rosa at my favorite Korean restaurant


I am infamous for taking blurry photos. You’re welcome.


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