Friday Five

1. I thought Thanksgiving was ridiculously late this year. Turns out, it was even later last year: a year ago today. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday filled with love, laughter, and good wine. I was happy to celebrate Jimmie’s first Thanksgiving, but part of our hearts were missing because of Jim’s absence. So far we have spent two out of four Thanksgivings together since we got married.

2. We tried to go to Kohl’s this morning for Black Friday shopping  but it was a bust. The lines were just too long to stand in, it was hot, and pushing a stroller around in those conditions just didn’t define fun. Round two is happening tonight, hopefully it is less crowded!

3. Jimmie is enjoying trying new foods. This week he has had sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash. He seems to like all three, but green beans are definitely in third place. On to fruits next week, which I’m SURE he will love even more.

4. I somehow managed to lose weight on Thanksgiving. How you ask? I have no idea. I may need new pants soon. I am 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.

5. I need to start planning some Christmas crafts to do with Jimmie. Any suggestions? I already want to make a hand wreath and a hand print ornament.





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