My Little Seat Review

Traveling with an infant is hard. You need so much stuff and sometimes you just can’t take it all, especially if you’re flying. When I found out we were going to fly to Arizona when Jimmie was about six months old, I knew I had to find a travel high chair to bring with us. High chairs are not usually small and compact, but I found one that fit our needs perfectly: My Little Seat. My Little Seat is a one size fits all travel seat that comes in a variety of colors. The portable high chair is recommend for ages six months and up. The weight limit for the seat is about 35 pounds.  You can see how easy it is to set up in this instructional video. I used this video to set up Jimmie’s seat while we were in Arizona and it only took a few seconds.

My Little Seat worked perfectly for Jimmie on our vacation because he was able to sit at the table with us at the house we rented. My Little Seat comes with a little carrying case that makes it easy to throw in my diaper bag and go. We will not go anywhere without Jimmie’s My Little Seat from here on out.



I have also used Jimmie’s My Little Seat at his grandparent’s house and it was a success. I hate when I have to set Jimmie in his car seat when a high chair is not available. My Little Seat solves this problem.


Jimmie loves to read the newspaper while I drink my coffee in the morning. On this particular day, he was reading the heath section and told me that drinking coffee is sometimes considered an unhealthy habit. I told him he needed to sleep more and then I would drink less coffee. He was not amused.

my little seat2

What is even more special about Jimmie’s My Little Seat is that he had his first taste of solids while sitting in it. He loved eating his rice cereal like a big boy at the adult table. When Jimmie wasn’t eating in his seat, he was able to play with toys that I placed in front of him, this kept his occupied while we ate our meals. I would give a My Little Seat to any new mom that is on-the- go.

my little seat


my little seat3

I was given a My Little Seat in exchange for an honest review. 


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