Happy Six Months, Jimmie!

It has been a busy, busy month. Hence, why this post is late and why I have been barely blogging. This whole parenting thing is a lot of work, but let me tell you, this little guy is so worth it.

Favorites: peek-a-boo

Weight: At his six month check up this week Jimmie weighed 18.4 pounds and measured in at 26.6 inches. Big boy!!

Firsts this month: first Halloween, rolled over from back to belly, first airplane ride, sat in a high chair at a restaurant, and got his first two teeth!

Nightly sleep schedule: Sleep has been a bit crazy since we have been moving about a lot, but it could be worse and after a rough night, all is forgiven when I see his smiles in the morning.  

Favorite toy: Sesame Street Clicky Keys Teether Toy  and of course, Sophie the Giraffe.

Hardest moment of the month: Saying “bye,bye” to Daddy.

Best moment of the month: Going to Arizona to see Daddy and surviving four flights with no crying!

jimmie with hat

brrr jimmie


jimmie in AZ


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