Friday Five

Sorry for the hiatus! We are back from Arizona and I am now back to blogging again.

1. Jimmie was an angel flying to and from Arizona to see his daddy. The only time he cried was when he was hungry, which is normal. Other than eating, all we really did on the plane is snuggle. Jimmie also made everyone on the plane fall in love with him, what a flirt.

2. Arizona was great. Jimmie had a wonderful time with his dad, and of course I had an amazing time spending time with them both, as a family again. We left the 80 degree weather on Wednesday, flew through Denver where it was snowing, and got out our first taste of snow in NJ yesterday. We must have brought it back on the airplane with us.

3. In Arizona we went to a old Western town, a ghost town, and a hippie town. We saw all different kinds of landscapes and people. It was pretty amazing how different the desert was compared to what we are used to on the East Coast.

4. Jimmie started eating solids last week. I guess rice cereal is considered a solid? We waited until we were in Arizona so Jim could be a part of Jimmie’s first eating experience. Jimmie was 6 months and one day old. He seemed to know what to do with the spoon and didn’t spit it all out. We are just giving it to him for breakfast right now, but soon I will give it to him at lunch time too, and then dinner. Things sure are changing.

5. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and Novemeber is already halfway over. Unbelievable. Slow down time. No, scratch that. Speed up so we can see Jim again!

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