Friday Five

1. Being back in New Jersey for a few weeks is exhausting but lots of fun! Jimmie has been busy almost every day, which makes him sleep like a rock almost every night. Yesterday, he had his first real play date and it was the cutest thing ever. I loved seeing him interact with another baby his age.

2. Jimmie finally got his first tooth this week, and as a bonus, he got his second tooth the next day. Poor baby was not happy, but it could have been worse especially since it barely interrupted his sleep, just my delicious burger at Ruby Tuesday.

3. I went to Kohl’s yesterday and all of the clothes there were exactly what was popular in Korea last year. I didn’t like the fashion when I left Korea, and I still don’t like it here in the U.S. Hopefully next year is better.

4. I had vivid dreams about Korean food and pastries last night. I woke up starving. I miss our food spots and the bakery. I told Jim I missed Korea the other week, he told me I was losing it. Seriously though, I miss it ;-/

5. Starbucks is coming out with a new drink this Christmas, the first time in five years: Chestnut Praline Latte. It has nuts in it, and I am allergic. What a bummer. Korea had a Cranberry White Mocha two years ago and it was AMAZING. The cranberry sprinkles on top were the best part, and I normally don’t even like White Mochas. I just saw a new Christmas mug on the Korea Starbucks Instagram. It had a super cute gingerbread man on it. Crossing my fingers that we get the same mug here too.

Since I skimped on the photos last week, here are a few extra! Happy weekend!






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