Monday Funday

Another fall weekend went by in the blink of an eye. Jimmie has been having fun in New Jersey with my family. We went to our favorite pizza place on Saturday. Sunday we went to another pumpkin patch and made homemade pasta. I wish Jimmie was eating something other than formula so he could have enjoyed the pizza and pasta, but I told him we will have some when he is ready.

monster jimmie


Aunt Alicia feeding Jimmie while we wait for our hayride

jimmie hayride

Jimmie’s first hayride

nolan pumpkin

Nolan trying to pick up a big pumpkin

mike and jimmie

Watching football with Uncle Mike


Making pasta!

pasta2I wish there was leftovers for this chilly Monday morning; there was actually frost on the grass when I woke up! I am ready to visit Arizona so that I can wear shorts again. I love fall and all that, but frost is a bit much.


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