Adventures with Jimmie

Last weekend. as I mentioned before, we went to the pumpkin patch for the first time with Jimmie. I wish I could say he loved it, but he was kind of tired and doesn’t really “love” any experiences yet. None the less, I loved it. He looked so cute in his farmer gear.

pumpkin baby2We went to Milky Way Farm, in PA. Not only do they have tons of pumpkins and a petting zoo, they also make the BEST ice cream. We didn’t have any, which kind of bummed me out, but if you’re in the area for fall, you must get the pumpkin ice cream. It’s delicious!

my pumpkinThis weekend, we went to two state parks; one we stumbled upon while trying to get lost (with a GPS and an atlas in the car) and the other we have been wanting to go to since the summer. I love that active military get into state parks for free , we saved $6 this weekend; a penny saved is a penny earned!

On Saturday, we went to Patapsco Vally State Park. Since it was an impromptu road trip, (yes you can do this with a baby as long as you have a full diaper bag!) I didn’t have my camera and neither did Jim. I actually forgot my phone too, therefore I only have one picture from that trip.  I told Jim we were able to enjoy nature with our eyes and not from behind a camera lens. Interesting fact about Maryland parks, there are no trash cans. Whatever trash you bring in, you must bring out. This prevents trashcans from ruining the ambiance.

parkJimmie slept through most of this park trip, which was a bummer because it would have been easier to put him in the Ergo. Poor thing woke up and didn’t know where he was. He quickly became happy when he saw our faces, he loves being outside.

On Sunday, we went to Sandy Point State Park. It is the closest thing to a beach that we have found that doesn’t require us to go to Ocean City, Maryland, which is quite a ways away from us. It was pretty empty for a nice, sunny October day. The weather was a bit chilly, but we weren’t planning to go swimming. Jimmie was in awe of the water and the rhythm of the waves soothed him to sleep, it was precious. We stopped at WAWA on the way, to get hoagies for our picnic lunch. There are plenty of picnic tables and areas to spread a blanket out. Jimmie moved around on a blanket while we ate at a table and gazed at the water. It was perfect.



101_7340I wish we could continue our state park adventure today, but we have to clean the house! Can’t wait to find more adventures when the weather warms up again after winter.


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