Friday Five

1. Toby is vacationing at Grandmom’s and Grandpop’s this week and I’m totally bummed! I miss waking up to his yawning in the morning. He always wakes up and runs right into the Jimmie’s room because he knows I will go see if he is awake before I go downstairs and let him out. It is too quiet in this house without him. He sure does love my parent’s yard though!

toby yard2. I bought Jimmie’s Halloween costume this week. He is going to be the cutest *****! Not telling until the big day, wait for the adorableness to take over your computer screen. Let’s just say he is going to be a duo with Toby. It will be epic!

3. I need to stop buying pumpkin items and then eating them all in one day. I bought pumpkin Eggo waffles the other day and I ate them for breakfast and an after dinner snack; they’re just that good. I just bought pumpkin Jello, yesterday, and I’m holding back the urge to just pour the mix in my mouth without making it first.


4. Speaking of pumpkin items, the Starbucks pumpkin scone is OUT OF THIS WORLD this year. I’m not kidding, it is so much better than the years prior, and that says a lot because I have always loved pumpkin scones. Must.stay.away.from.Starbucks.

5. Have you watched How to Get Away with Murder on ABC? I’m digging it so far. Shonda Rhimes, I love you. Thanks for making another show that I can obsess over. I am also an avid fan of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.

Jimmie stud

blue eyes

high chair


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