Happy Five Months, Jimmie!

Five months ago, I would never have believed that time could go so fast. I know I keep saying this, but it’s true, Jimmie is growing up right before our eyes. One day he’s my baby, the next he is my big boy. To be honest, these are the best days. The newborn stage was cute, but this is even better. Jimmie is such a happy, happy baby, except when his teeth hurt. My precious boy makes my heart melt every moment of every day. His laughs, that are few and far between, bring me to tears; I just love him so much. Even thought most days are great, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our difficult moments. Sometimes, I can’t wait till bedtime or nap time, and then he falls asleep and I miss him all over again.


Favorites: Jimmie loves sitting in his high chair while we eat, getting baby massages, grabbing his feet (and eating his socks), and taking baths.

Weight: He was 16.1 pounds at his four month checkup (his weight before then was with clothes on); I’m sure he is chunkier now. He is in mostly 6 month clothes, although I am trying to squeeze him into some 3 month clothes.

Firsts this month: Went to the zoo, slept in a pack and play, and lifted his butt into the air while he was on his tummy.

Nightly sleep schedule: Jimmie is an amazing sleeper. He is now going to bed between 7:30 and 8 and sleeping until 7 or 7:30. I have been blessed with an angel child. He will sometimes wake up for his pacifier, but doesn’t eat during the night anymore.

Favorite toy: Bight Stars Take Along Toy Bar – We will not be traveling without this ever again! Jimmie LOVES it and it keeps him entertained in the car.

Hardest moment of the month: Still teething, with no teeth. Every day I think, ‘Tomorrow he will get his firth tooth!’ Then nada!

Best moment of the month: Jimmie sleeping in different places and spaces; he is so adaptable. This makes me worry less about going to Arizona in November.




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