Weekend Fun

Jim is leaving in a few weeks for training, which means we only have a few more weekends left to have fun while it’s still nice out. This past weekend we decided to explore Maryland a bit more and stumbled upon an environmental center about an hour away. To be honest, I was looking for a beach to sit on, but have no fear, we found one for next time. Here are few good shots Jim captured while we were there.


Mom and Babe

On Sunday, we took another spontaneous adventure to The National Zoo in D.C. We had never been there before and figured it would be a great zoo to take Jimmie to because it is free. What’s not free, is parking. For $22 you can practically park in the zoo, but there is street parking if you look for it. We ended up finding FREE street parking. Granted, I wondered if we were going to get towed the whole time, but we didn’t, all is well that ends well.

The zoo is in such a nice area, unlike the Philadelphia Zoo (where we both went to a few times as kids.) The houses right next to the zoo are spectacular and the main street, where the zoo is located, has a ton of cute restaurants and shops. Plus, there is a Starbucks right across from the zoo. You can bring food and drinks into the zoo, even Starbucks cups. This actually surprised me because most zoos do not allow plastic straws.

Jimmie slept a good portion of the zoo trip and when he wasn’t sleeping, he was usually crying because his teeth were really bothering him him this weekend. On Saturday, pools of drool were falling out of his mouth, he looked like Dracula but instead of teeth fangs, he had drool fangs. There were a few good moments though, where he would just stare at us while he was in the Ergo with a huge smile. I kept trying to tell him to look at the animals and not us, since he can see us all the time, but we were more interesting to him. I really think taking him to the zoo was a great experience even though he had no idea what was going on. The more places you take your kids, the more the see, and the more they learn. Which would you choose, sitting inside with a teething baby or going to the zoo with a teehting baby? I’ll take the latter.





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