Friday Five

1. It was so nice waking up to the sun shining this morning. Yesterday, it rained all day. I hate going out in the rain and 9 times out of 10 if I have plans, I will cancel them if it’s raining. Now that I have Jimmie, it will probably be 10 times out of 10, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2. Derrick won Big Brother 16 on Wednesday night, which I’m pretty happy about. I didn’t predict for him to win, but Jim did. BB has been renewed for two more seasons, which means we have two more summers to waste watching other people make bad choices on TV. Speaking of bad choices I wonder if Christine and her husband had a long talk about how it isn’t appropriate to cuddle with someone else when you’re married. Awkwardly enough, Christine didn’t even vote for Cody to win on finale night. Maybe that was to prove her loyalty to her husband?

3. My old college professor from Rutgers-Camden has written another children’s book. Author of Go the F**k to Sleep, Adam Mansbach, will debut his second book You Need to F**king Eat on November 12. I took Mr. Mansbach’s hip hop literature class in  2009. The class was pretty awful, mainly because it was the only elective that was available when I transferred in and I had/have no interest in hip hop literature. I have to admit, though, the only book I semi enjoyed reading in his class was his fiction novel, Angry Black White Boy. Would you read these to your kids? I personally feel Adam’s pain with the eating thing, already. I know you’re hungry, drink your bottle, Jimmie!!

4. I started reading The Wonder Weeks by Franz Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt. It is a really interesting book about specific weeks in your baby’s life, why they’re fussy, when it’ll end, and how you can help them get through it. I wish I started reading this before Jimmie was born, or right after. I skimmed through the weeks that Jimmie already went through and they are pretty much spot on in regards to how he acted. I was reading about the 19th week and how lots of babies are lazy that week because they are learning so much and they need to take it all in. For a few days last week, Jimmie would just lay on his blanket motionless and I found it to be strange, now I know why.

5. Jimmie had his 4 month shots last week and did great! He woke up the first night after his shots screaming, but went back to sleep after Tylenol and a bottle. Then he was a little more fussy over the weekend, but I honestly think that was more teething than anything else. We have a little champ on our hands. He weights a little over 16 pounds, now, and is mostly wearing 6 months clothes full time because he is so long.

Having a fabulous weekend!



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