Fourth Month Baby Must-haves

I love seeing what Jimmie enjoys playing with and what we find handy for him, month by month. Here is what we loved last month.

4 month

1. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Owl Activity Toy – I love everything Skip Hop. I am slowly collecting all of the engaging toys they make. (Have you seen these? They’re new and I need them ALL!) Jimmie loves this hide and seek owl. He gives him hugs, looks in the mirror on one of the wings, and chews on the two teethers. It really is a fun toy and even makes noises like a rattle!

2. Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat – We don’t have a Bumbo, but we do have this awesome sit and play seat. I have been trying to stick Jimmie in this thing since he was 2 months old, and he would look miserable. Right before Jimmie turned four months, I stuck him back in and he finally enjoyed it! He loves to sit there and whack all of the toys; I even put a few more on the tray for him to play with.

3. Rhino Toys Oball Rattle – This is such a great toy because Jimmie can stick his little fingers in the ball holes. He likes bringing it up to his mouth and shaking it.

4. Breathable Mesh Crib Liner – I was 100% against getting a crib bumper because of the risks of suffocation; they are also illegal in Maryland. But when Jimmie went into the crib, after already sleeping through the majority of the night, he started to wake himself up again. The reason being, his legs kept getting stuck in the crib. I decided that the safest way to prevent this from happening was to get a mesh (breathable) crib liner. It actually works great and I was only worried for the first few days. His little legs do not get stuck anymore and he can sleep peacefully through the night.

5. Skip Hop Bento Diaper Tote Bag, Olive – I kind of hated this bag when I first got it. It was too big and it was a pain to lug around. I realized I didn’t like it as much because when I first had Jimmie, we were going out for short periods of time, therefore we didn’t need a ton of stuff. Now, when we go out for more than a few hours, this diaper bag comes in handy. I love the insulated side pockets for bottles and all of the pockets inside for other items. I use the bottom pocket for a changing pad, diapers, and wipes, but eventually it’ll be used for baby food; the bag comes with baby food containers for this pocket. There are even a few pockets for my stuff, cause who really carries a diaper bag and a purse?

6. Bright Starts Rattle & Shaker Barbell – This rattle makes Jimmie giggle. He loves to grab it and shake it. It’s easy for him to reach for when he is on his tummy and then pull it back so that he can try to stick it in his mouth. I personally love the colors!


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