Happy Four Months, Jimmie!

bathtimeWhere did my newborn go? Where did summer go? Jimmie is turning into to quite the little man. He is such a flirt and loves to smile and act bashful, especially when he is looking in the mirror. He hasn’t rolled yet, but he has figured out how to turn himself completely around in the crib, which we find hilarious.

Favorites: Blowing raspberries, sitting with assistance, and babbling/cooing

Weight: 16.5 pounds and 24.5 inches. Big boy! He even fits into some 6 month clothes!

Firsts this month: Laughed, blew raspberries, sat in his highchair, grabbing toys and holding them for long periods of time.

Nightly sleep schedule: Jimmie’s sleeps through the night on most nights from about 8:30 PM-7:30 AM. Sometimes he will still wake up around 5:30 or 6 to snack on about 4 oz and then go back to sleep until 8:30-9.

Favorite toy: Sassy My First rattles (his are red/black/white), Skip Hop Owl Activity Toy, Disney Baby Goofy Rattle/ Toy (from Disney World)

Hardest moment of the month: Dealing with Jimmie not wanting to eat as much and trying to figure out why (still working on this one). Teething! (No teeth yet, though.)

Best moment of the month: Hearing Jimmie laugh for the first time.





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