Friday Five

1. I cannot believe it is September. Where did the summer go? Even though summer is “over”  I still can’t start wearing my new fall clothes (or dressing Jimmie in his stellar new wardrobe). For some reason, mother nature decided to send us our first (and hopefully last) heat wave, this week. Hello 90 degree weather! Jimmie and I have been camping out inside, working on rolling (which has to happen ANY day now!)

2. I am so excited for Fall TV shows to return! I am most excited for Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, and Nashville. And of course, my favorite morning show, Rachael Ray, returns September 15. Anything new I should check out?

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially available at Starbucks. I have already had my specialty: Iced Coffee with one pump of pumpkin and light soy. YUM! Can’t wait to have a hot PSL when it gets cooler!

4. For some reason, my stats on my blog have been SUPER high this past week, as in I used to get 100-200 hits a day, and I started getting over 1,000 a day. If you’re a new reader, say hello and tell me how the heck you found my blog! Welcome!

5. Jimmie is acting crazy this week: falling asleep on his bottles and not eating as much as he usually does. I blame it ALL on teething. I hope his first one pops through soon, it looks like it could come in any day now. But really, I’m clueless in the teething department.


Jimmie used to look miserable when I stuck him in here. Now he plays!


Jimmie is so in love with Goofy. He munches on his nose!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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