Third Month Baby Must-haves

Another month under our belts and another month of favorites! We are so lucky to have been handed down many of these items.

3rd month favorites

1. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy – This is one of Jimmie’s favorite toys, right now. He is able to hold it and bring it to his mouth to try to chew on. It even has a small rattle sound that makes him (almost) giggle. (We’re still trying to master laughing.) The colors are great and it entertains him no matter where he is: in my lap, in his rockaRoo, or just playing on the ground.

2.  Alex Jr. Busy Tot -Baby Wooden Developmental Toy – This is a GREAT toy for tummy time. The mirror is perfect for Jimmie to interact with while he is on his belly. It’s also great for learning new words (the other side contains many basic word pictures), which will be great for when he gets older.

3. Look Look [book] by Peter Linenthal – Jimmie is obsessed with this book. He will stare at it for a good 5-10 minutes when he is on his belly or on his side. He loves to look at the black and white pictures and enjoys listening to the simple story. This book also calms him down when he is crying; I open to any page and he is mesmerized.

4. Munchkin Bottle Brush – I feel like I am constantly washing Jimmie’s bottles. Having a good bottle brush is very important when you are using it several times a day. I like this one because I have used it day in and day out and the foam hasn’t ripped. I also love the built in nipple cleaner in the bottom.

5. Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toy – Jimmie loves to bat at this toy. It’s so easy for him to grab and he also loves chewing on all of the different sensory parts. I love that not only is Freddie colorful, but he also has black and white wings.

6. Zip Up Sleep and Plays – I am starting to hoard baby PJs; they’re just SO cute. Now that Jimmie isn’t being swaddled anymore, I love me a good zip up sleeper. Zip up sleepers are the best because I don’t have to mess with buttons in the middle of the night when changing his diaper.


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