Friday Five

1. This week has been great. Jimmie got his first shots and he was the bravest boy in the world. He cried, but it wasn’t the worst cry I’ve heard, and he calmed down right after I gave him his bottle (perfect feeding time on my part.) As I type this, he is sleeping in his crib and has been since 6am! I tried to put him in last night, but he woke up too many times so back into the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play he went. I actually think that thing is causing/not helping his flat head, therefore, he needs to get out of it. Plus, his little legs are getting too long; it’s so sad (and hilarious.)

2. I watched the Men Tell All this week with Andy from the Bachelorette, and I pretty much thought it was the worst Men Tell All ever. I am loving this season, but it was pretty awful, not enough, “Let’s accuse Andy of breaking my heart,” and too much, “Let’s watch Ashley find out the sex (boy) of her baby with a live ultrasound.” Granted, I cried during the ultrasound (shocker!) but still, it was a bit for ratings (duh.)

3. And on another reality TV note, Big Brother is so much better than last year, but the people are just as dumb! My two picks, Donnie and Christine, are still going strong! I still love them. Seriously who is Ariana Grande? Her brotherrankie, is on the show and I can not wait until he actually tells people who he is. (Maybe it’ll actually mean something to them?)

4. Since I hardly ever talk about Army stuff here, why not throw something out there today? Jim is going away for a two months, in a few months for ALC (it’s a course he has to take to get promoted.) This was very unexpected and although it necessary and a huge honor for him to be going so soon, it still stinks! I think about all the stuff he will miss with Jimmie, and it makes me cry. At least he won’t be gone for Christmas, or even longer than 2 months, but such is Army life. “I knew what I was signing up for….” SIKE!

5. I found this great baby resource through Pinterest this week. Baby Center put together a year’s worth of activities for your baby’s first year of life. I have already tried a few with Jimmie, and will continue to use it in the future. The games and activities are a great way to bond and play with your baby every week. Go check it out!

jimmie sleeping

Jimmie being a big boy! He loves to stretch.

11 weeks

Look at that smile, such a sneak!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Stephanie says:

    I agree about the Men Tell All show. Can we talk about how it was weird that Ashley basically just had a rip in the side of her dress for the ultra-sound? Just me? Also you have the greatest resources! I love that activities list!

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