Friday Five

Thanks to Sarah Dessen for my Friday inspiration “Friday Five” post!

1. Target is having an awesome sale this week.  We picked up this great table (teal) for 30% off! We are using it as a bar, and I LOVE it. We have our wine/whiskey on top, with glasses and cookbooks in the cabinets. Now all we need to do is fill up the wine rack! Target is also having a huge baby sale, no you can’t buy babies, but you can buy some great stuff for cheap! Be prepared to leave with an empty wallet. I was good though and only bought a bottle cleaner (it’s awesome!) and a Skip Hop bib (was 50% off at our Target) that I have been eying up.

2. We ditched a TV show this week. Under the Dome just isn’t worth our precious TV time. Now that we have a baby, we really have to think about what’s worth watching and what isn’t, when Jimmie doesn’t need our undivided attention (which is most of the time, of course.) It’s a shame because we have been looking forward to it coming back and we were just beyond disappointed. I guess nothing compares to Orange is the New Black (which, by the way, I just started reading the book yesterday)

3. Jim and I are now into our hardcore diets and it sucks. Every food looks good when you’re on a diet, even foods you hate. I am happy to reveal that I am back to my pre pre-pregnancy weight (which is what I weighed after coming back from the USA in September 2012, 136 pounds.) I only have 8 more pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am relieved  that I now fit into most of my clothes again, except the stuff I bought at the beginning of last summer when I was super skinny.

4. Speaking of diets, I really want the bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s that comes on a pretzel bun…and just pretzels in general. Philly Pretzel Factory, I’ll see you soon.

5. We went to Annapolis last weekend and it was like entering another land. We live in a very congested area in Maryland and the traffic is horrendous. Annapolis was a sight for sore eyes. Next time I am sticking Jimmie in the Ergo, though, because it’s not a very stroller friendly place. Jim really wants a big boat, me not so much. But I wouldn’t mind having a friend with a big boat.

Enjoy your weekend!



This is how I relax on Friday morning



3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. madameamrose says:

    I feel you on the diet. I was making a salad wrap for lunch today and all I could think of was the fact that I had ingredients for pizza in the pantry!


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